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Photography & Advertisement

Do you want a Photoshoot with me?

You can schedule a photoshoot with me if I’m in your city.

My expertise is portraiture, I have experience doing photoshoots for lifestyle with women, families, weddings, etc.

I normally publish in my Instagram when I open spots for photoshoots in an specific city, so, stay in touch with me at:

If you want to know when I’m going to be in your city, send me an email to and I will be contacting you to give you information if I’m going to be soon in your city and you can separate your space.

I hope to see you soon!!

Are you looking for Editorial photos for your Business?

If you are looking to give to your business a professional, glamorous and modern look, then I can help you creating visual art with your products.

First, we get together to talk about the concept, I work with moodboards to catch your idea and combined it with the ideas that I can bring. After, we select the Model (if necessary), location, time and duration.

I have two options to create editorial photography:

1. Remotely: if we are not in the same city, you can send me your products and I will coordinate the photoshoot and send you the results.

2. In Site: if we are in the same city, we can work together during the photoshoot.

After the photoshoot, I specify the delivery time according retouching work to do. The photos will belong to your company and I will give you credits in case I use them for my social media or website.

*Send me an email to with the details of your request and I will contact you soon.

Do you want my help to give more exposure to your products?

For advertisement I use my Instagram account which has international audience. Details of the audience and reach numbers will be send by email.

I can show your products to my audience in different ways:

1. I can use it for a photoshoot designed by me for my photo collections, I´ll tag you and give you the credits of the products used, you will have permission to reshare the photo (always including my photographer credits), the copyright will still be mine.

2. I can create a review of the product in a Live video which will be saved in my IGTV in my series “product reviews”.

3. I can share your content in my Insta Stories with a “swipe up” link.

4. I can give a “shoutout” for your instagram account, sharing a photo of your feed and invite people to know your work.

*Send me an email to with the details of your request and I will contact you soon.

*The requests will be evaluated and could be accepted or rejected to keep integrity of my account and respect my audience.

Are you looking for products? Visit my shop:

Go to shop

Are you looking for something else?

Contact me at: and send me the details of your request.

Also, don’t forget to follow me in Instagram:

With Love,


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